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Christmas Orders for 2017

If you wish to have one of our beautiful toys for Christmas please get your orders into us by the 10th December 2017. This gives us time to make your toys and to post them out to you.

You can order here through our website, email us at or you can message us through Facebook.

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Melbourne Timber & Working With Wood Show

Little Darlings Toys were exhibitors at the Melbourne Timber & Working With Wood Show at the Caulfield Racecourse on the 8th to 10th September.

David and I really enjoyed our time here. We got to talk to lots of people who loved our toys. Were were able to share lots of information as well as learn new stuff.  Thank you to all who came past and had a chat. I loved seeing photos of what other people are making or have made.

We came away with so many new ideas that we would like to try. And David really loved looking at all the machines and come away with a long list of tools and equipment he wants.

As you can see by the photos David took what he calls a mini workshop with him. He was making toys while he was there like this beautiful old time truck. I lady had seen this truck half done and fell in love with it and purchased it. David has got it finished for her to take. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of it finished. But it did look beautiful.


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How the soft toys and dolls are made.

I wanted to show you how the soft toys and dolls are constructed, don’t worry it’s not a tutorial about how I make the toys, but a short post to show you how they are made with the safety of your little darlings in mind.

I like to make toys and dolls that will last the years of play and cuddles. To achieve this I like to double stitch the seams on each of the soft toys made. This means that I do the first row of stitching and then do a second row of stitching very close to the first row. This makes the seams stronger and less likely to split. The picture below gives you a better idea of how the double stitching looks.

All arms and legs are then stitched onto one side of the body ready to be assembled together. This reduced the arms moving when the toy is stitched together and gives added strength to the toy so you can be assured the arms, legs and ears wont come off at all.

Again the body is double stitched when it is sewn together and the arms and legs have an extra row of stitching added to.

This picture below shows you the construction of the lion, this lion has a ribbon main. It shows you that the ribbons are double stitched on and then a row of zigzag stitching is added to make sure the ribbons wont come off at all. This is done on all toys that have ribbons or lace sewn on them. The small giraffe and elephant rattles are all double stitched and then have an extra row of stitching to secure the ribbons and then a row of zigzag stitching along the edge. So there is no chance of the ribbons coming off the toys.

I hope this helps you get a better idea of how the toys and dolls are made for many years of play.

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Animated Crocodile

Our Crocodile is called an animated toy. Animated toys are wooden toys that have moving parts on them when you move the toy. David will be making more of these animated wooden toys next year.

We took three of them to a market with us and sold two of them that day. Everyone who saw them loved them.

You may have already seen our super cute animated Crocodile on our Facebook page but if you missed it here is a clip for you to see how the animated toys work.

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Countdown to Christmas 2016 is on

Hello Lovelies. We are getting ready for the very busy Christmas season. We are looking forward to making you many toys over the Christmas season.

We ask if you are looking to purchase some of our awesome toys as presents to order early this year, as each toy takes us time to make for you. You can order here through our website or you can send us an email at

We are offering flat rate standard postage of $9 on all orders. Or you can arrange to pick up your order from us at any of the markets we will be attending between now and Christmas.

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A quick update on Little Darlings Toys

Sorry we have been so quiet lately, we have all been sick here at home. We now hope we have shaken off the winter ills.

We have been working behind the sense here, we have purchased some new patterns and materials. I am very happy to say I have purchased myself a new sewing and embroidery machine, and I will be starting on making some new dolls and cats. We will also be getting David some new equipment to quicken up the toy making progress for him in the next few weeks.

We are getting prepared for the lead up to Christmas. We have booked into a lot of markets, we will be making lots of toys and getting some listed on this website for you.

Please remember if you wish to order toys for Christmas please order early so we can have it ready for you before Christmas.

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Setting Up Our Shop

As you can see, we are in the process of setting up a shop on this website. At the moment we ask you to be patient with us as we work out a better website for you. Today I am getting the grasp of what I am doing. Even if it is slowly happening.

At this stage we are making all toys to order, but I am sure it wont take us to long to get some stock up to be able to send it out as soon as you order it. You can still check out our store.

Oh I cant forget, we are also offering $9 flat rate postage on all orders.

Again we thank you for your patience at this time.

Much love Jenny and David.


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How to wash your soft toys

This is a quick outline on how to hand wash your soft toys, especially the ones with wool felt on them.

  1. fill up your hand basin with lukewarm water
  2. use a mild soap like a liquid hand wash or dishwashing liquid
  3. gently massage any marks off your toy
  4. rinse off all the soap and give a light squeeze to remove all the water
  5. place the toy on a clean towel in warm spot to dry out

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New toys

So far August has been a busy month for us at Little Darlings Toys.


tiny tots and small bearsWe are always looking to expand our range of toys and this month we have introduced some new soft toys and wooden toys to our range.  We will have more new toys to come in the lead up to Christmas to.

Here is a photo of our cute new soft toys, the Tiny Tots Girls and Small Soft bears. In the coming weeks look out for Tiny Tots Boys and Small Soft Lambs. These cuties are made using patterns by Dolls and Daydreams.



We have also introduced a little suitcase to our market table to display some of our soft toys.

How cute does it look full of soft toys?


If you have seen us at any market you will know David takes a mini workshop with him and makes toys at the market. This month while at Creswick market David was assembling a new toy, a Monster Truck, a customer loved what he was doing so much he decided to buy the Monster Truck before it was finished. He waited patiently while David finished assembling the Monster Truck.


20150815_104040 20150815_104323

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New website coming

Hello. We are currently working on bringing you a new website in the next few days.

In the mean time you can find us on our facebook page.

Or check out our MadeIt store.

Thank you for visiting

Jenny and David