About Us

GiraffeLittle Darlings toys were set up by David and Jenny in late 2013 out of David’s desire to make wooden toys.

We love making toys, and we make them with small children in mind. All wooden toys have rounded edges and are coated in a non-toxic beeswax finish or acrylic paints that apply to safety standards, so your little ones are safe it they put a toy in their mouth. All soft toys are made from quality quilting fabrics, 100% wool felt and a poly fill stuffing.

David is the one who makes all the wooden toys. He really loves what he does and puts a lot of detail and attention into his toys. He likes to use a mixture of pines and hardwoods to make the toys durable and safe for many years of play.

David used new timber, timber off cuts that we get from factories around where we live and salvaged wood to make his toys. We have a friend who handmakes guitars and we purchase a lot of quality hardwood timber from him. We also have recently come across some aged timber that we know will make beautiful toys.

To start off the toy making progress David runs the raw timber, especially the salvaged wood through a machine called a thicknesser.  He mills the wood down to the size he needs and it takes the wood back to a smooth workable finish.

He then sticks the paper pattern pieces down onto the timber where he proceeds to cut the toy pieces out using a scroll saw. All pieces are then hand sanded to a smooth as glass finish and all edges are rounded off.

The toys are then glued together using a strong adhesive non-toxic wood glue. Once the glue is dry David then finished off the toys with either a non-toxic beeswax polish that he makes or he painted the toys with acrylic paints that comply with safety standards.


Jenny makes all the soft toys. She like to use quality quilting fabrics or vintage fabrics, as well as 100% pure merino wool felt that complies with safety standards.

All fabrics are pre washed and iron before used to make the toys. This is to wash away any dyes and to pre shrink the material.

She then proceeds to pin the pattern pieces out onto the fabric and cut them out. She then pins and sews the toys together. All seams that have ribbons attached are double stitched to give them strength.

The toys are then turned out the right way and stuffed with polyfill toy stuffing. Some toys will have a rattle inserted at this stage and stuffing seams are then hand stitched closed.

All details like eyes and faces are hand stitched on.

Then the toys are ready for lots of cuddles from your little darlings.